Russell Vergara

Founder, Vgrafiks

He sold his first PUTO when he was six. He worked as a waiter for Burgoo, and as an In-room dining assistant at Sheraton Park Hotel. In London. He’s an only child, so he’s kinda spoiled. He was 80 pounds lighter, nung hindi pa uso ang extra rice. He studied 7 courses 7 different schools. But he never graduated. He’s not very bright kasi. But he’s very madiskarte. He’s Russell. The Big Daddy of Vigi.

Branding and Design Systems

Aceler Chua

Front-End Developer, Grayscale Hong Kong

Aceler grew up in Hong Kong; spent past seven years in the Philippines, Aceler recently moved back to Hong Kong to continue his design and web development journey. At Grayscale, he uses his front end development and typography chops to establish better visual structure for websites. During off hours, he spends most of his time improving his typography skills while looking for great food.


Hui Jing Chen

Hui Jing is a self-taught designer and developer based in Singapore. Reducing lines of code in her web projects makes her extremely happy. She used to play basketball full-time and launched her web career during downtime between training sessions.

Say No To Cookie Cutter Web Layouts

Madhura Chavan

Madhura is a UX designer based in Hong Kong where she consults with Google office, designing better experiences for android developers in APAC. Before this she's been designing spaces, digital products and services for retail stores (India & US), libraries & hospitals (Singapore) and buying insurance (in Manila). Besides the 9-to5, she loves to teach UX Design at General Assembly and some studio pottery.

User Experience


Angela & B Tuban

Founders, Priority Studios

Product Design workshop

John Paul De Guzman

Chief Creative, Frost Design & Consulting Group

JP de Guzman is the Founder and Chief Creative of Frost Design and Consulting Group a Manila-based design agency. He is an Entrepreneur, Designer, Developer, Curious Folk, Teacher, and Industry advocate.

Business of Design workshop

Chris Lienert

Engineering Manager, CXA Group Singapore

Chris started out as a Web Developer when Netscape ruled the world. He is currently the Engineering Manager at CXA Group in Singapore. He has written for Net Magazine and SitePoint, and founded community group Singapore CSS because someone had to. Aside from musical distractions and accumulating frequent flyer points, Chris and his wife Sarah can be found in the company of their small human.

Javascript Applications workshop

Lindsey & Gab Madrid

Founders, Color Cure Design Studio

Color Cure is a small design & illustration studio by husband and wife team Gab and Lindsey. They’ve designed interfaces & illustrations that have been seen by over a million users. They design, draw, code, shop, and eat almost exclusively at home, rarely leaving their tiny house.

Web Animation workshop